The internet continues to increase in popularity and with that comes the opportunity for independent hotels and inns to position themselves prominently in an extremely cost effective way.

We provide complete electronic marketing solutions including:

  • Website design and analysis
  • Search Engine Marketing with customized reports
  • Booking Engine
  • e-mail subscription/database development
  • Electronic Advertising
  • Link strategy

Some travel statistics to consider:

  • Online travel revenues are expected to double in the next three years
  • Internet advertising is quickly becoming one of the most effective tools available
  • Less than 25% of online searches are by brand
  • Online hotel bookings have grown by 17% every year since 2005
  • Another 25 ­ 30% of hotel bookings are influenced by the internet and then booked offline

Cost effective Allimar services that will help you increase revenues:

  • Well designed, on-line booking engine
  • Effective collection and storage of email addresses (with guest preferences) for electronic marketing
  • Search engine marketing (organic and paid)
  • Develop key word list for use in your website and in your paid search engine marketing effort
  • Develop a new website or revamp your existing site to make it more accessible to search engines
  • Create and distribute effective email templates for promotions and develop an electronic newsletter

These services will:

  • Help you capture your fair share (or more!) of the market
  • Position you prominently on the internet
  • Identify entry and exit points in your website to decrease abandonment and increase bookings
  • Convert “lookers” to “bookers
  • Increase traffic to your website which will result in more bookings