Allimar Marketing is a full service Sales and Marketing Company that effectively provides marketing support for luxury hotels, resorts, destinations and products. Through creative marketing solutions, we identify all areas of revenue generation enhancement, to create solutions related to positioning or market share and ultimately improve bottom line performance. Allimar Marketing embraces the latest technology in the hospitality industry and supports the highest levels of accountability.


The current business climate is likely one of the most challenging ever faced by today’s marketer. While technology has allowed us to reach our customers with much greater speed and in a mind-numbing array of media, we are often still faced with struggling occupancies and REVPAR, lagging market share and a disappointing GOP. Standard business practices five years ago do not produce the same results today. ALLIMAR’s vision is to solve lagging performance issues through creative solutions and up-to-the-minute technological applications. Our vision for the future is to have a global reach to access the most effective solutions through partner and vender relationships and effective strategic application.